Adapt, adjust, and move forward


Traveling around South Dakota can often be a great adventure. I recently spent 10 hours behind the wheel traveling between Rapid City, Sioux Falls, Yankton and last but not least Lake Poinsett. Great time visiting with a new CEO in the network at a credit union in Rapid City, a users group in Yankton, a management session in Sioux Falls and then some time outside in the Lake Poinsett area for the weekend.

It was a week of what will we see over the next hill. The Badlands, Black Hills, rivers, fields and wild game animals. What we did not account for was the flooded road ways in the southeast part of the state. We found ourselves rolling across a region that had received over twelve inches of rain in a day and the rivers, fields and roadways could not handle all the water well. Our route took us to dead end after dead end of orange signs and water across the roadways.

Adapt, adjust and move forward was the name of the day. How are you prepared as an individual and organization for those surprise events? Have you checked up what the network has available to assist? Are you tracking the work we do every year around our HA environment, documentation and process?

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