Dig deeper and get below the surface of your CUSO investment


On a recent trip to Mid-Texas we were driving across some surreal landscape (at least from the perspective of a Midwesterner).  The country side appeared to be a made up of some desert like vegetation.  Cactus, low scrub trees and a lot of rock.  Fences (both low and high) dotted the landscape and ran to the horizon in every direction.  The land looked fairly hardscrabble and barren.

But when you slow down from the posted 75 MPH speed limits and look a little closer you see a whole different world.  The domesticated animals like cattle, sheep and horses.  The non-domesticated deer, quail, dove, coyote, bobcat and so much more.

With time and digging deeper the resources like oil, water and even wind bring huge revenues and opportunities to those that own the land and mineral rights.

When was the last time you pressed your team to slow down a little and dig deeper into the tool set.  Is it drilling into the release summaries?  Is it digging into a visit at the store? Is it taking the time to lay a new foundation focusing on the new CU*BASE education guide for classes to schedule for 2019?

Dig in and find the hidden resources just below the surface that are available to you at CU*A.

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