Can you hear me now?


Picture this…  -1 outside, winds blowing at 15-25 MPH and I’m thinking it’s a perfect day to head out to the shoreline for a hike. These are those perfect days when you have the chance to trek through a beautiful section of the country, and in my case, have my daughter along with me. But what really stood out between the wind, extra layers and the directions we were walking, was that it was nearly impossible to hear one another. We laughed, shouted, used the old cell phone “can you hear me now” and walked on for nearly two hours.

Have you ever had a day when you are speaking to an individual or group and asked yourself “can you hear me now” or “does what I’m saying make sense to you”?

Option A: Every day the AI team focused on analytics here in Grand Rapids is sharing details about your data and the analysis that you have at your fingertips right now.

  • What questions are you asking of your team and the supporting data available to you?
  • What answers are you getting to those questions?
  • What are you doing with the data and the answers to those questions?

Across our network there has never been a broader and deeper access to actionable data. And there have never been more teams at CU*Answers ready to help you identify opportunities, design plans, take actions and track the responses to those offers. Tell us how we can engage and participate with you in your success.

Option B: We will be rolling out a new release management offering (CMS paid engagement) this spring based on our credit unions’ feedback. The focus is taking our major annual releases and analyzing the strategic application for each of our participating credit unions. We will complete the analysis, write up a recommendation for product/process implementation, review those recommendations via Zoom with your management team and then complete JTO (Just Turn it On) projects for you.

P.s. Don’t forget that this is on top of all the free, available resources provided for CU*Answers development: Kitchen pages outlining items in development, Owners View, detailed deep dives, release documentation, web-based release training, and recorded review options.

My only question for you – Can you hear me now?


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