Where There’s Smoke…


Recently returned from a partner planning session in Seattle. A countryside that close to the ocean and mountains leaves a variety of impressions on a person. This time that impression was impacted by the wild fires that have been a scourge of the west coast this summer. Hazy days, stunning deep red sunrises and air quality warning messages seem to be the new norms. Certainly gives a Midwesterner a different perspective of daily life in that region when we only see what’s shown in the news.

Where there is smoke there is not always fire right around the corner, but for credit unions it may seem that way in the regulatory environment. Our daily business lives are clearly impacted by the regulatory marketplace, often over burdening our credit unions with suggestions resulting in an increased cost of compliance. Our AuditLink team as a primary goal is focused on helping you reduce your cost of compliance. If you haven’t lately check out the work they’re doing.

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