Look fondly on the past, but keep your eyes to the horizon


It was my recent privilege to have had my promotion to President/COO at CU*Answers circulated. To each of you that have contacted me in the last few days, I thank you for the well wishes and for the part you’ve all had in it.

I’ve spent some time reflecting on my fourteen years at CU*Answers, and the twenty-plus years I’ve spent in the credit union industry. There have been so many changes and evolution in data processing, let alone the credit union industry as a whole. While there have been many moments to look back on and be proud of, I’ve never been more excited for tomorrow than I am now.

While recently visiting with a credit union partner of ours in Rapid City, South Dakota, I was enjoying the view from atop a historic hotel–a view that allowed me to see for miles. There was a great deal to draw the eye–natural features, the hills in the distance, commercial and residential landmarks, even a bit of the local Air Force base–but what drew my eye the most was the new development. I was in a place with a rich history, but also with great promise for what’s yet to come.

And so while I reflect on the changes in global marketplaces, financial service offerings, credit unions and data processing, I can’t help but look forward to the day’s work and for what tomorrow may look like. Here’s to driving every single day towards the future as a network, and thanks again to those that have helped me get where I am today.

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