The Deep Blue


I was recently out on the water in Lake Michigan.  I was enjoying the ride about a quarter mile off shore and the water was absolutely a clear Caribbean blue. In fifty to sixty feet of water I could still see the bass and rocks scattered across the lake bottom. Suddenly, I crossed the drop off and the bottom quickly faded away – replaced by a never-ending blue. Surreal. Lake Michigan is amazing.

There are days when you may sit down at work with a document like the 18.07 release document and have absolute clarity regarding some of the projects. Projects that have had a great deal of the spotlight. In this release, a standout that comes to mind is the new Manage My Card feature. It’s a free service to add to your It’s Me 247 Mobile App allowing members to “turn off” their credit or debit cards.

But just like the big lake, the deeper you get into the release details the darker the water may have gotten. How do you work collectively at your organization to bring light and clarity to all of the details in any given release? Or do you stay in the shallow end? What does your credit union do to go deep into releases?

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